Thursday, May 15, 2014

Do you know this secret ?

It is so yummy to have chocolates after dinner.And I just finished my last Hershey's from fridge. Even though I follow diet I can't resist the temptation of Chocolates. You must be wondering why I am still thinking of Choco eggs and chocolates , yes there is a little secret behind it..

I was following diet and kept myself engaged with work and gym and games for past few months with great expectations that I will loose my weight and will reach my target of kg by May 31st 2014. (Jan 1st Resolution)

With few days to my target date I just checked my weights at my GP , general practitioner today evening and the  results made me upset I should say very upset. My weight is not even starts in 50's :(.

In one of the consulting section bupa dietitian asked me to write down all I had for a week and we analysed it together, yes I had lots of  food at odd times, no non veg, lots of caffeine, sugars, and chocolates, some spicy food etc.

So here is the secret , see how long you need to workout if you are eating chocolates just like me,

I am not against Chocolates or any brands but theses are my findings in day to day life.

Even though I exercise regularly my body kept absorbing the sugar in my diet and my exercise was not enough to break down already deposited fat in my body.

If I am stressed out or feeling cold / depressed I found comfort in my teas and I ended up having 10-12 teas a day with each tea having at least 20 gm of sugar per tea.

So dietitian advised to cut down the sugars, chocolates and donuts and cupcakes and fried items...

Advised to follow this diet more green colored vegetables and more fiber in food. 

My appointment with dietitian was linked to my Bupa Medical insurance from my employer, but there are many useful things in Bupa's site, please check yourself here

Hope this helps you as well.
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