Friday, March 14, 2014


What do people wear at your office?

Chances are jeans, casual t-shirts/shirts or sweaters dominate the culture. Of course, certain industries require you to dress up, but a large majority of companies have embraced casual attire.

Research shows your alertness is affected by what you wear.
“So much of it depends on your gender, your age and your job title. It’s very individualistic.”

Many companies, particularly in tech, insist on employees dressing down, to cultivate a casual work culture.

What can you do to help you make that distinction?
“People can dress up in a way that still promotes their company’s culture and brand. You can take a creative approach to dressing in ‘work’ mode, even if you’re wearing jeans,”

Wearing a dressier shirt with customized buttons or cufflinks is one way for men to dress up jeans. 

Women have a multitude of options – picking fancier shoes or accessories – for example.

Experiment with outfits that help you feel more focused.


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