Friday, February 28, 2014

Healthy way to shop for groceries

Understanding these principles in theory is an important first step toward healthier eating. But principles mean little unless they shape how you actually shop and eat. 
Given that the grocery store is where good intentions so often go amiss, here are some practical tips for healthier, stress-free grocery shopping. 
Plan your meals and make a list

Impulse purchases are one of the most common downfalls for the would-be healthy eater.  
Don't shop hungry

This is common advice, especially for those trying to lose weight. (Shopping with a basket, not a cart, can also be a great way to stop yourself from loading up on things you don't need.)
Shop at the farmers market first

I'm a big advocate for local, fresh, sustain-ably grown foods. 

Learn to read nutrition labels

Understanding how much protein, fiber, carbohydrates or fat you and your family should be consuming is an important part of eating more healthily. . 

A sample Groceries list :) enjoy ---- Click to enlarge 

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