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Sunday, November 2, 2014

How to choose best airline seat?

In Boeing 777 used for long haul flights by Emirates, Singapore Airlines, British Airways and Qatar Airways, rows 44 and 45 (the back two rows) are the least desirable.

These seats have less leg room than other rows and limited reclining capabilities. They are also close to the toilets and galleys, making for a nosy and possibly smelly flight.

The Airbus fleet, which generally have no first or business class seats, are used by British Airways, easyJet, Monarch and Thomas Cook for short haul journeys. The first row seat, is most coveted for its extra legroom, optimum window view unobstructed by the wing, and being served food and beverages first.It's not all good though, with this seat, as well as 1F, is also known for being the coldest on the aircraft.

Use this section to find the best airline seat for your next flight with Jet Airways.ECONOMY CLASS - BOEING 737-800 Rows 12 & 13 are exit seats with lots of leg room.Boeing 777 : Economy 30C and 30H. Pros: Aisle seat with plenty of legroom (near exit door). Cons: Near bathroom, bulkhead row which may mean babies around you.
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