Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Seizing the opportunity

During a robbery in Guangzhou, China, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank: "Don't move. The money belongs to the State. Your life belongs to you."

Everyone in the bank laid down quietly. This is called "Mind Changing Concept” Changing the conventional way of thinking.

When a lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted at her: "Please be civilized! This is a robbery and not a rape!" 

This is called "Being Professional” Focus only on what you are trained to do! 

When the bank robbers returned home, the younger robber (MBA-trained) told the older robber (who has only completed Year 6 in primary school): "Big brother, let's count how much we got." 

The older robber rebutted and said: "You are very stupid. There is so much money it will take us a long time to count. Tonight, the TV news will tell us how much we robbed from the bank!" 

This is called "Experience.” Nowadays, experience is more important than paper qualifications! 

After the robbers had left, the bank manager told the bank supervisor to call the police quickly. But the supervisor said to him: "Wait! Let us take out $10 million from the bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 million that we have previously embezzled from the bank”.

This is called "Swim with the tide.” Converting an unfavorable situation to your advantage!

The supervisor says: "It will be good if there is a robbery every month." 

This is called "Killing Boredom.” Personal Happiness is more important than your job.

The next day, the TV news reported that $100 million was taken from the bank. The robbers counted and counted and counted, but they could only count $20 million. The robbers were very angry and complained: "We risked our lives and only took $20 million. The bank manager took $80 million with a snap of his fingers. It looks like it is better to be educated than to be a thief!" 

This is called "Knowledge is worth as much as gold!" 

The bank manager was smiling and happy because his losses in the share market are now covered by this robbery. 

This is called "Seizing the opportunity.”

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Secret benefits to the most common household chores

Pumping iron: If you spend three hours over a week getting the creases out of your clothes you can burn 420 calories, the same as a Zumba class. Standing still for long periods of time burns calories and works your core

Here's the secret benefits to the most common household chores:

Scrubbing the bath
Removing soap scum from your tub with a bit of added elbow grease for 15 minutes can burn up to 100 calories, which is the same as thirty jumping squats. This chore is great for toning arms and shoulder muscles.

Factoring in loading and unloading the washing machine, hanging up the clothes and putting them away, doing the laundry can burn 78 calories in an hour, which is the same as doing 100 sit-ups.

Washing up
Scrubbing away at the dishes can burn an impressive 560 calories over a week if you spend 15 minutes doing it every night. This equates to swimming 2,500 metres. Even loading the dishwasher can burn 105 calories every 30 minutes.

Giving your carpets a good clean can burn 90 calories in half an hour, which is the same as 15 minutes of kickboxing. Depending on the size of your house, vacuuming can get you nearer to the daily recommendation 10,000 steps.

Something as easy as doing the dusting can burn 25 calories in 15 minutes, the same as two minutes of planking. 

If you spend three hours over a week getting the creases out of your clothes you can burn 420 calories, the same as a Zumba class. Standing still for long periods of time burns calories and works your core muscles too. Make sure to press down evenly and switch arms so both get an even workout.

Making beds
Changing the linen of a family of four's beds can burn 65 calories in 15 minutes, the same as a mile-long power walk.

Mopping and sweeping
Cleaning the floors for 30 minutes can burn 145 calories, which is equivalent to 15 minutes on the treadmill.

Cleaning windows
If your windows have seen better days it's time to spend an hour cleaning them - and burn 334 calories while you're at it, the same as 40 push-ups.

Cutting the grass with a regular push mower can burn 325 calories per hour, or if you prefer you can do 20 minutes of HIIT.

Thirty minutes of pottering in the garden can burn 213 calories, which is same as 45 minutes of cycling on flat terrain. Digging works your shoulder and abdominal muscles, so it's great for an all round work out. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How healthy is idili ?

Idli, also known as iddly, is a steamed cake made from rice and black lentils originating from Southern India. Idlis are made in a specialized mold and eaten with chutney, vegetable stew or other flavorful toppings for breakfast or as a snack.

Yes, and its not even the healthiest Indian breakfast, its the most healthiest world breakfast ...

Its fermented
Its steamed
Its light
It digests easily
Its probiotic 

What else do you want ?

Calories, Fat, Sodium and Cholesterol
Each idli contains just 39 calories, which is a minimal amount in comparison to a healthy 2,000-calorie daily diet. Idlis contain no fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. Consuming less than 16 grams of saturated fat and 300 milligrams of cholesterol lessens your risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. From the salt, each idli does contain about 65 milligrams of sodium. It is recommended no more than 2,300 milligrams per day to prevent high blood pressure.
Protein, Fiber and Carbohydrates
In a single idli, you consume 2 grams of protein, 2 grams of dietary fiber and 8 grams of carbohydrates. For a light snack, that is a notable amount of protein and fiber with minimal carbohydrates. Healthy adults need 50 grams of protein and 225 grams of carbohydrates daily. Adequate protein facilitates muscle repair, and carbohydrates provide energy. Fiber promotes healthy digestion and bulks stool -- men need between 28 and 34 grams of fiber and women between 22 and 28 grams daily.
Vitamins and Minerals
One idli contains 1 milligram of iron, and trace amounts of calcium, folate, potassium and vitamin A. The iron is mostly from the black lentils, with about 25 percent of it from the rice. Iron keeps your blood oxygenated and is crucial for any diet. Men need 8 milligrams daily and women 18 milligrams.

Recipe is here