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20 beauty hacks EVERY woman needs to know

1. Fix a broken blusher with a knife there's nothing more heartbreaking than dropping your make-up on the floor and watching the powder smash into a million little pieces. But rather than forking out for a new one, there's a simple trick to fix it. Sim
ply mix the powder with a few drops of salty water and smooth it back out with a knife.
2. Revive old mascara with salty water Saline solution also works a treat when it comes to reviving an old mascara tube. Just drop a few drops of the salty water into a dry mascara and it will re-wet it.
3. Dry your hair with a T-shirt Hairdressers don't advocate drying hair with a towel because it bruises your locks. But, if you're in a real hurry, use a T-shirt instead, which is much more absorbent.
4. Make your blow-dry last longer with baking soda Sprinkle some of this wonder product into your shampoo before you wash your hair and it will make tresses stay cleaner for longer by stopping product build-up.
5. Blot your face with coffee filter Stash some of these handy sheets in your handbag and reach for one when you get that afternoon oil shine.
6. Treat a spot with yoghurt When it comes to dealing with a pesky spot, we all know about the toothpaste trick, but did you know that full fat yoghurt does the job, too? Redness, inflammation and puss will be reduced thanks to the lactic acid, probiotics and fat within the yogurt.
7. Beat mascara smudges with a spoon There's nothing more annoying than applying mascara with precision, only for it to smudge on your eyelid. Next time, hold a spoon over your lid when applying the mascara to avoid this beauty blunder.
8. Moisturise lips with a teabag A damp teabag is the perfect solution for healing dry and cracked lips. Then, if you want to plump up your pout, mix your favourite lipgloss with some peppermint oil and you're good to go.
Use a teabag to moisturise dry and cracked lips - and you can use the lining to help strengthen a broken nailUse a teabag to moisturise dry and cracked lips - and you can use the lining to help strengthen a broken nail
9. Liven your lashes with a cotton bud A cotton bud and translucent powder combination can be used to boost your lashes. Apply one coat of mascara, then run the powdered buds along lashes before applying another coat and they'll appear more voluminous as a result.
10. DIY lipstick Can't find that perfect red lipstick in the shop? Create your dream lip colour by mixing eyeshadow pigments with some balm.
11. Bring your nail varnish back to life with hot water Revive gloopy old polish by popping it in a mug of boiling hot water for a few minutes.
12. Reduce a bruise with mouthwash Bruises aren't pretty, especially when they appear on your leg before a big event. Next time one pops up, dab a bit of mouthwash on the area in question and it will lose its purple tinge.
Want to plump up your pout? Mix your favourite lipgloss with some peppermint oil and you're good to goWant to plump up your pout? Mix your favourite lipgloss with some peppermint oil and you're good to go

13. Enhance your mascara in your bra Warming up your mascara can help it glide on better. Pop it in your bra for a few minutes whilst you apply the rest of your face and it will be ready to use by the time you're done.
14. Fix a broken nail with a teabag Breaking a nail when you've just had a glossy manicure ins't ideal. But rather than trimming it or filing it down, simply cut a small piece of tea bag, place it on your nail and paint over it to strengthen the nail.
15. Boost your perfume with Vaseline If you want to smell good all day long, simply smear some Vaseline over your pulse points (back of the neck, temples and wrists) before applying your signature scent.
16. Give your hair texture with a toothbrush Want to emulate Kate Moss' beachy, tousled waves without damaging your hair? Just reach for a humble toothbrush to tease and texturise limp locks. Add volume to your roots by dabbing some eyeshadow that matches your hair colour along the hairline.
17. Remove foundation stains with shaving foam Ruined your new white blouse with an orange splodge from your neckline? No fear, just spritz some shaving cream or foam onto your collar to remove it.
18. Powder the perfect pout To stop your perfect red pout from smudging, dip a cotton bud in some translucent powder and swipe it along your lip line to stop any bleeding.
19. Use a credit card to get perfect eyes Supermodel Jourdan Dunn swears by this simple trick, which involves holding a credit card above the upper lashes before wiggling the brush back and forth at the roots. Using a card allows you to get right into the roots of your lashes and boosts your look.
20. Use eyeshadow to boost your lips Give yourself a matte lip look by dabbing some eyeshadow onto your lips in a shade lighter than your lipstick.

Source :Daily Mail April 2015 

50 Books Every Child Should Read by Age 16

1. Charlie and The Chocolate Factory – Roald Dahl
2. Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll
3. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – CS Lewis
4. Winnie The Pooh – AA Milne
5. Black Beauty – Anna Sewell
6. James and The Giant Peach – Roald Dahl
7. The BFG – Roald Dahl
8. A Bear Called Paddington – Michael Bond
9. Treasure Island – Robert Louis Stevenson
10. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn – Mark Twain
11. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone – J.K. Rowling
12. Matilda – Roald Dahl
13. The Railway Children – E Nesbit
14. Oliver Twist – Charles Dickens
15. Five on a Treasure Island – Enid Blyton
16. The Wind in the Willows – Kenneth Grahame
17. The Very Hungry Caterpillar – Eric Carle
18. The Jungle Book – Rudyard Kipling
19. Charlotte's Web – EB White
20. The Tale of Peter Rabbit – Beatrix Potter
21. Watership Down – Richard Adams
22. The Hobbit – JRR Tolken
23. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – JK Rowling
24. Lord of the Flies – William Golding
25. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, aged 13 ¾ – Sue Townsend
26. Great Expectations – Charles Dickens
27. The Cat in the Hat – Dr Seuss
28. The Secret Garden – Frances Hodgson–Burnett
29. The Diary of a Young Girl – Anne Frank
30. The Twits – Roald Dahl
31. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz – L Frank Baum
32. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – John Boyne
33. Anne of Green Gables – LM Montgomery
34. The Tiger Who Came to Tea – Judith Kerr
35. Green Eggs and Ham – Dr Seuss
36. The Day of the Triffids – John Wyndham
37. Bambi – Felix Selten
38. Tom's Midnight Garden – Phillipa Pearce
39. Little House on the Prairie – Laura Ingalls Wilder
40. Funny Bones – Janet and Allan Ahlberg
41. Where The Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak
42. Carrie's War – Nina Bawden
43. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Mark Haddon
44. The Magician's Nephew – CS Lewis
45. Northern Lights – Philip Pullman
46. The Story of Doctor Dolittle – Hugh Lofting
47. The Story of Tracy Beaker – Jacqueline Wilson
48. The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
49. Curious George – HA Ray
50. Each Peach Pear Plum – Janet and Allan Ahlberg

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