Sunday, September 7, 2014

Happy Onam all !!

September 7th 2014
This year I celebrated yet another Onam, and this time it is perfectly virtual or electronic ... in all sense ..

Onam happens to be on a Sunday one my favourite day of the week , started with sunday mass and sunday brunch of usual chappathis and peas curry. Spoke to parents and sisters (both made it home ) and grandma they are 6000 miles away from me, by the time I spoke to them they have finished there Onam Sadhya same as above pic, with our own plantain leaf from garden. I have a time difference of 4.5 hrs with them and it is very good evening over there and they are getting ready to sunday church.
I did n't cook anything special for Onam this year as it is not worth doing it for one person..

Thousands of miles away from the homeland affected my spells of nostalgia to prepare a few Onam special dishes at home. Relatives back there in the land of King Mahabali purchased the readymade Ona-sadhyas (meals) to captivate TV programmes. Times have changed and my cooking habits too.. Simple gestures of affection are enough to brighten up and enliven even an ordinary day. Thanks to all my school and college friends who wished me Onam along with theirs family.

Wishing you a wonder full Onam where ever you are in the globe :)

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