Sunday, June 22, 2014


This year from Jan 1st 2014, my life was changing for ever, I got into problems from one after another, unexpectedly people in close circle became strangers / enemies and unfortunately to be true I fell into traps of others.

But every experience made me strong and taught me to be stand alone and be strong. I learned weeping or day dreaming of the looses wont make any difference in life. Life has go on and I have to move faster to catch my life and dreams. 

First and for most lesson is don't compare your life to others, even to close your friend / close relative / or some one of same age group.You can't please every one / entertain every one as joker. You should stop trying to manage others situations and devote more energy to improve your quality of life to grow more quickly. So once you have made up your mind here is the action steps,

Action steps:-

1.Picture the desired end result (what ever it be)
2.What is your confidence level that you’ll actually achieve the goal?
3.If it is low- ask yourself why?
4.What steps were you unable to execute ? 
5.How could you overcome those?
6.With those steps, are you now more confident?
Don’t tell yourself I can do this Better: “Can I do this? How?” 

We people are creatures of habit. We are what we repeatedly do. We become our habits. The meaning of our life is to find a reason why we are here and the purpose of our life is to then give it away.

üStart exercising
üStart eating more healthily
üStart reading
üStop smoking (If you do so)
üStart walking / cycling instead of using the car every time, all the time
üStart volunteering (my pics are coming )
üStop working always over time
üStart enjoying the moment and relaxing more
üStart saving more
üStart spending less

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