Monday, October 14, 2013

Sponge cake

I was not feeling well this weekend because of cold and fever (Winter started in UK), is on antibiotics , but when I had a word with my friend Sarita she tempted me with her photos to cook something very special outside my dinner plan. 
I had recently bought an oven but didn't use its conventional features. I kept doing the regular stuff, heating my food. Sarita introduced me to her Prestige OTC, and I was convinced that Russell Hobs Oven  I am having is also good for cake making.So started searching for ingredients,

Egg, Flour, Sugar,Butter,Vanila and finally little patience..... Recipe is here
I didn't have silicon bakeware at home, so used the pizza tray I got along with the oven, 
Hope it will be an inspiration for some one too 

And my sponge cake is here ,

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